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Experimental Type for a Fake Movie

MFA Project

The purpose of this project was to Experiment with typography to create interesting, type-focused, movie posters. The movie does not have to be a real, but it needs a concept.

My hypothetical movie is called "Free Fall;" an intense, dark, character driven drama centered around a protagonist trying to stop their life from spiralling out of control. The problem being that the spiralling has already started. creating the imagery for these posters was a mostly analog process. Frist, I drew simple letterforms on balloons, popped those balloons, then used the new, broken, letterforms from the scraps. I isolated the new letterforms digitally, before printing them out and taping them between sheets of sketching vellum. I layered the sheets, to create depth, and backlit them by taping the stack to a window. The final imagery used in the posters are photos I took of those stacked sheets of vellum taped to my window.

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