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My MFA Thesis: MYND


Young people in the the United States are living with mental health issues, such as anxiety disorders and depression, in record numbers; most receiving minimal treatment. Meanwhile, adults are often having the conversation about teenage mental health without involving the teenagers themselves.


My thesis project, MYND, is a theoretical organization focused on empowering teenagers to take control of their mental health. There are many mental health organizations in North America. However, for as many as there are, few actually focus solely on teens. MYND is filling this gap. Through various initiatives (project deliverables) MYND aims to help teenagers stay informed on the experience of living with mental illness (WE Magazine), participate and maintain a discourse on the topic with their peers (MYND semi-social App), while de-stigmatizing and normalizing the topic of mental health for teenagers (stomp out stigma campaign). 

For more on my thesis project take a look at my full thesis book or visit

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